• Alison MacInnis

BEST Hair Bleach

Going from red to blonde was a disaster, resulting in exactly what my rescue colorist warned me would occur: short hair. I lost about as much length as she foretold (somewhere around 5-6 inches), and spent a year babying the decimated strands, even as I struggled to get rid the shafts of what red remained. Going to the salon as often as my hair

required was way too pricey,

and it seemed that unless I committed to purchasing hundreds of dollars of care products, my hair wouldn't survive a basic wash. Long story short, I found THE at home bleaching product that not only lifts FAST, but doesn't deposit metals into the shaft which means, no darkening when in the shower! This stuff is FAST, ten minutes on my dark roots had me running to the shower to rinse, so, watch it! The best part of this product, I've found, is the lack of damage, as in, there was none (noticeably, all bleach damages on some molecular level, but this stuff is the least damaging I've ever used, including salon visits! A toning shampoo was required, click here for the amazing purple shampoo I use.)

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